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Author: Created: 8/6/2011 3:27 PM RssIcon
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By host on 8/6/2011 3:35 PM
Getting a canine companion shouldn't be a result of impulse buying while you happen to be strolling in the mall. Something that may strike one’s fancy can later on turn out to be one’s biggest regret. 
By host on 8/6/2011 3:32 PM
In general, a good breeder does his job as a “hobby”. Unlike puppy millers, real breeders breed puppies on a limited basis: the goal is not have more puppies and more money, but to have healthy, lively young little dogs. 

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Some time in the past we got in love with a beautiful and courageous breed of dogs – Black Russian Terrier.  The love of this bread took us on journey of selection our dogs learning about the breed, getting to know the show world and finally to breeding. We are passionate about breeding a quality family dog and wish our puppies become members of the best and caring families.  

We currently have or planning to have a litter of Black Russian Terriers and all puppies will need to be adopted by loving families and/or individuals.

We would be happy to answer any of the questions you might have about Black Russian Terriers, the BRT breed or if you need a referral to another qualified BRT breeder who may have puppies available for adoption. Feel free to contact us using online form or give us call at  651-253-9486.