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Do I Have Time To Spend Training, Exercising, And Grooming a BRT?

Aug 15

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A BRT needs obedience training. It is imperative that obedience training be done. The obedience training must be of the positive reinforcement type. BRTs respond well to love, praise, and especially treats.  A minimum of one full year in obedience lessons are recommended, not only to train the dog, but to continue with his socialization.  Socialization of your BRT is an ongoing process and should be continued into adulthood.  An unsocialized dog will become overly protective and difficult to handle.

Exercising a BRT is essential. BRTs  are happy to go on 2 walks a day of about 20 - 30 minutes. Some love to hike, swim, and jog.  Their exercise can be walks with you around the neighborhood, hikes in the forest, swims in the local lake, or chasing a soccer  ball. They will also adapt to exercise on a treadmill.  They are a thinking breed, and need things to keep them working. Because of their intelligence, they excel in competition obedience, agility and rally events.  A working BRT is a beautiful sight!

Grooming can be intense, and BRTS accept grooming if they are started at a young age. BRTs need to be brushed and combed weekly, and professionally groomed every six weeks. They do shed.  They shed more than an Airedale but less than a Labrador. Cutting nails is important and should be done regularly. It should be started early in life so that the dog is used to it before he is fully grown. Teeth cleaning should also be done regularly.

No matter what, a BRT  wants to be close to you. They thrive on being house dogs and sharing your life. They will follow you from room to room as you do your work. They are devoted to their owners and want to have contact with them frequently. Some want to touch you all the time to reassure themselves that you are still there.

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