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Do I Really Want a BRT? Why Do I Want a BRT?

Aug 15

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BRTs are wonderful companions. They are not dogs to be left outside, chained to a doghouse, or to be left alone in a fenced yard. They desperately need lots of human companionship to be properly socialized and trained. We have found that behavioral problems occur when a BRT is not a member of the family, but relegated to the backyard with only occasional human contact. No reputable breeder will sell a BRT to a home where they will be kept outside.

BRT beards are wet, some more than others, after they drink water. Are you prepared to dry your walls, your floor, your furniture and yourself after the water flies when they shake their heads?  Rags or towels must always be handy in strategic locations all over the house.  If you are a fastidious housekeeper and feel that water splashes,  wet floors and tumbleweeds of dog hair will bother you, then the BRT might not be the breed for you.

BRTs sometimes snore.  Are you a light sleeper or one that needs complete quiet to sleep? If so, consider another breed.

BRTs are above all else protection/guard dogs.  They were bred for the sole purpose of protecting Russian military installations. They will protect their family and belongings.  They can be very intimidating when guests come into their territory.  You will need to be prepared to crate the dog when unexpected or unknown guests or repairmen come Regardless of how much socialization the dog has, if an outsider comes to the home, the protective instinct will manifest itself.  If you want a dog that happily greets everyone who comes to the home, you should consider another breed.   Once you accept the guest, chances are good that they will too.  If this seems like too much trouble for you then you should select another breed.

BRTs can be wonderful dogs with children. They can be very gentle and quite tolerant of ear and tail pulls. They will protect their children. But you must remember that your BRT will outweigh most children,  play roughly, and could injure a small child just with rough play.  Please make sure that you supervise and train your children to respect and treat the dog well. In rescue, we will not place a dog with a family with small children unless the dog has been raised with them in the previous home. If you have very small children who are just learning to walk, you may want to wait until they are older before getting a BRT whether it's a puppy or a rescue dog.

BRTs are territorial dogs. They will protect their yard, house, car and family from people or dogs. They want it to be known that this is their yard. They are dogs that can be good with other dogs and with cats as long as they have had good experiences with them, but even training and socialization will not guarantee their acceptance of other animals. Do not get this dog assuming that it will fit in with an existing group of dogs.  Some will, and some are dog aggressive. If you have an adult male dog already and you are getting a rescue, you should consider a female BRT and vice a versa. This is not to say that two males cannot get along but males especially have a tendency to want to dominate each other. We do not recommend placing two males together unless both are neutered and socialized.

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