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Can I Really Afford To Keep a BRT?

Aug 15

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8/15/2011 8:38 AM  RssIcon

An adult male BRT can go through 40 pounds of dry dog food a month. That's a rough estimate of $50- $75 a month in food alone.

Your breeder will also want you, and may require you by contract to perform specific tests such as hip and elbow certification, and heart, eye and thyroid tests to determine the soundness of the breed line.  These tests can run an additional $400—$700 over the cost of the dog.

A BRT, due to its size, will cost you more at the Vet's office. Remember that antibiotics and other medicines  are based on weight. Medicines will cost proportionately more because of the weight of these dogs. Heartworm medicine costs more, shots can sometimes be more costly, etc. You can expect to spend approximately, (depending on the age and medical conditions of your BRT) $200 to $500 per year at the Vet.

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