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In The News

Mason City , Iowa  -  Oct 13 - 14    Teddy got BOB and Group 4 in the very tough working group competition.

June 2012: Teddy was awarded with title of AKC Grand Champion and now is in top 15 dogs in US. Congratulations to our sweet boy.

Latest Show News: 

Mason City , Iowa                          -  Oct 13 - 14    BOB and Group 4
Chicago IKC dog show                   Feb 23-26, 2012 -  Select Dog
Grand Rapids Kennel Club,        - May 26, 2012,          BOB
Greater Muskegon Kennel Club - May 28, 2012,          BOB
Holland Michigan Kennel Club,  - May 25, 2012           BOB
Pontiac Kennel Club, Inc.,            - May 24, 2012           BOB
Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club,   - June 9-10, 2012     BOB
Kalamazoo Kennel Club, Inc.,     - May 27, 2012           BOB
Steel City Crown Point                   - April 14-15 , 2012  BOB
KC of Yorkville                                  - April 07-08, 2012   BOB
Land O'Lakes Kennel Club          - January 6- 8, 2012 BOB


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Welcome to Black Russian Terrier

This website is dedicated to Black Russian Terriers (BRT) a rare, beautiful, and very intelligent breed.

We live in suburbs of Minneapolis MN, USA and our family has been enjoying them for years. 

Our dogs are very active competing in the confirmation ring, doing therapy work and having a lot of fun and playtime in our big backyard. 

The Black Russian Terrier is a dog of middle and large size, powerful, of firm-rough constitution type, with rich bones, trim, black coat, beautiful wide movement, stable mind and character. 

Click the following link to learn about BRT breed history.

Who is BRT?

The Black Russian Terrier (BRT) is of upper medium and tall height, strong, enduring, courageous, self-assured, with square or approximately square frame.

It adapts well to different climatic conditions, is easily trained, and has a balanced character. The many years experience of using the Black Russian Terrier as a guard dog and in other functions proved its reliability and endurance.

This dog has aristocratic exterior and looks extraordinarily decorative while having a massive bone structure, proportional dimensions, tough and somewhat rough constitution, and impressive muscles. read more...

Learn About BRT

BRT Temperament

Well-bred and socialized Black Russian Terrier is loving toward his family yet reserved around strangers. They have the instinct to guard and protect. Highly intelligent, he learns easily and remembers information (good or bad) for a long time. read more..

Black Russian Terriers are confident, calm, highly intelligent, brave and loyal. It should never be timid. They bond deeply to their family. read more...

Dog Care

The Black Russian Terrier, because of its breeding as a working dog, has a very strong "work ethic", and needs a job to do in order to be happy. (We have fenced back yard and they love patrolling it). Early training is a must, as it will exploit any owner who has failed to establish clear dominance. read more...

Here is Why You Should Own Black Russian Terrier

Top Reasons to own Black Russian Terrier:
  • Intelligence 
  • Extremely easy to train 
  • Excellent dog for personal protection 
  • Big size, Powerful dog 
  • Good working ethics (love to please the owner)
  • Well tempered, confident and calm
  • Shed very little to none

Few facts to consider before becoming BRT Owner:
  • Considerable grooming is needed. 
  • However can be shaved if not a show dog.
  • Extensive socialization is a must.

We welcome you to visit our Black Russian Terrier DogsPhotoVideo galleries and FAQs pages. If you have any questions reach out to us via Contact Us form.
Black Russian Terriers can be:
  • Excellent guard dog 
  • Loyal companion dog 
  • Magnificent show dog 
  • Couch potato family pet

Contact Us Today

Some time in the past we got in love with a beautiful and courageous breed of dogs – Black Russian Terrier.  The love of this bread took us on journey of selection our dogs learning about the breed, getting to know the show world and finally to breeding. We are passionate about breeding a quality family dog and wish our puppies become members of the best and caring families.  

We currently have or planning to have a litter of Black Russian Terriers and all puppies will need to be adopted by loving families and/or individuals.

We would be happy to answer any of the questions you might have about Black Russian Terriers, the BRT breed or if you need a referral to another qualified BRT breeder who may have puppies available for adoption. Feel free to contact us using online form or give us call at  651-253-9486.